Gemvic Global

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Current/Ongoing Project(s)

  1. Installation of prepaid meter (MOJEC METER ASSET COMPANY).
  2. Building of Hostels (GEMVIC REAL ESTATE).
  3. SUPPLY OF 1,800mtrs of 2.5mm2 X 12 core control cables (MOJEC METER ASSET COMPANY).

Completed Projects

  1. Supply of 2.5mm2 x 1c copper cable = 40,000mtrs(Mojec).
  2. Supply of 4mm2 x 1c copper wire = 12,000mtrs(Geo solution).
  3. Supply of 11kv/415V 300kva Power Transformer (Dalax hotel).
  4. And many more.

Attachments and supporting Documentation (available on request)